5.3 Years: The Coolest Speech Therapist

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You know how there are some people who you just click with? That's how it is for Belle and Monica Mitchell, TalkTools speech therapist. Belle adores her. Not only does Monica have the absolute coolest toys, she is also super patient and fun. Our two hours together this month flew by, and Belle was sad to leave. However, we left our meeting with a refreshed program and new approaches to tackle errors in Belle's 's' and 'th' sounds. This month's videos show a few highlights.

Belle practicing jaw stability with Bite Blocks

In one of the pictures this month, you will notice Belle as the TalkTools teacher for her sister, Lyla. Belle loves it when her siblings join in. They are way more fun than ole mom!

Annabelle 5.3 Years

Annabelle 5.3 Years

Annabelle 5.3 Years

Annabelle 5.3 Years
Annabelle 5.3 Years


More videos are available on TalkTools YouTube channel.

Cheers from Lanie and Belle!

Annabelle has Down Syndrome and has been using TalkTools Therapy since she was born. Her story is a great inspiration for parents of a child with Down Syndrome. Follow Miss Annabelle’s journey from the beginning here. 

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