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5.2 Years: Complex Thoughts

Posted by Casey Roy on

Belle is cruising along with dance classes and school this fall. I feel like her articulation is holding steady, but I do see an improvement in her complexity of thoughts. She will say things like, "It is already past my nap time, so me not have to take one today, right mommy?" or "Lyla, after you finish your toast and me finish my donut, will you play Barbies with me?" And when Belle gets in trouble for something, I will hear her in her room giving the same lecture to her baby dolls as the one she just received. :) ...
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4.7 Years: More Intelligible That I Thought

Posted by Deborah Grauzam on


Belle has been a little under the weather this month, and I have been a little concerned that her level of articulation has declined a bit as we have opted out of oral motor exercises so she can catch an afternoon nap or doctor's appointment, etc. Overall, I think she is starting to feel better as this month wraps up so we are starting to get back on track.

TalkTools | Annabelle 4.7 Years TalkTools | Annabelle 4.7 Years TalkTools | Annabelle 4.7 Years TalkTools | Annabelle 4.7 Years

One highlight from the month includes Belle's participation in our school district's preschool screening. I was worried that the test administrators would have a hard time understanding Belle so I asked to sit in on the language portion of the assessment, just in case I needed to translate something for them. I said very little but did get to enjoy Belle's funny responses to the questions like "what do you do if you walk in a dark room?" She responded... "scary! run away!" Although it wasn't quite the answer they were looking for, it was quite humorous. As she finished up this portion of the test and we headed out the room, the test administrator said to me, "see mom, you didn't need to be in here. I understood every word she said." I take that as a win. 

In this month's video, Belle is reading to you from her "Bibs" book. I hope you enjoy!

-Lanie Beetsma

Annabelle has Down Syndrome and has been using TalkTools Therapy since she was born. Her story is a great inspiration for parents of a child with Down Syndrome. Follow Miss Annabelle’s journey from the beginning here.

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