Ask a Therapist: Straw #4 Question

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I have a student that will be transitioning to straw #4. The ¼ of an inch varies depending on how she puts the straw in her mouth. Do you have guidelines for this?

Thank you for the question!

In this case, the first twist must be resting perpendicular to her lower jaw. The first twist of the straw should not pass her lips, and if the twist is perpendicular to her lower jaw, she can not put more of the straw into her mouth.


Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson

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  • Sandy

    We ordered the entire straw kit for our son and our working with our school district’s SLP who provides all of the other tools. We thought it would be easier for us to have the straws so they don’t have to go back and forth to school. Our problem is that my husband cut straw #4 down to far and we need another one. Is there any way to order without all of the shipping? Please let us know.

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