Ask a Therapist: Thickened liquids with the Straw Hierarchy?

I am using your straws for therapy with several of my students. When we get to the thickened liquid steps I am not sure what food to use at the puree and pudding consistencies, as my student is allergic to wheat and dairy products. Can you offer suggestions or guidance?

This is a great question and one I hear regularly from SLPs.

“Puree” and “pudding” are suggestions for the textures and thickness required, any food that can be thickened or thinned can be used. For example, you could use a baby food fruit puree for the puree level or make a shake from any fruit. You can also use agar or a thickener to thicken a liquid. Look at the child's diet to see what foods can be used and go from there.

Good luck!

Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson

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