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I am an SLP who attended the "A Three-Part Treatment Plan for Oral Placement Therapy" workshop. I would like to find out if there is a set of speech sounds corresponding to the jaw height for Bite Blocks? For example, Bite Block #7 corresponds to "ah" vowel. 



My name is Monica Purdy and I am a TalkTools Instructor and teach the mentioned course.  I just wanted to answer your questions regarding the sounds that go with the bite blocks.

Bite blocks 2 and 3 work on the high position of the jaw and address the following sounds:  m,b,p,f,v,n,s,z,sh,ch and r  and the following vowels:  I (as in big), e (as in me), u (as in blue).

Bite blocks 4 and 5 address the medium position of the jaw and work on following sounds:  "th" voiced and voiceless, l, t and d and the following vowels:  uh, o, a (as in ball), e (as in bed).

Bite blocks 6 and 7 work on the low position of the jaw and address the following sounds:  g,k, and h  and following vowels:  a (as in mad) and a (as in ahh).

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any further questions.

Monica Purdy


  • Robyn Merkel Walsh


    Hi , I teach are class on lisps. If the child is under 7, I recommend that you refer to Sara Rosenfeld Johnson’s book OPT for /s/ and /z/ . If the child is over 7, I suggest you look at my SMILE Program. In these cases, most often there is a lack of tongue retraction with tip dissociation, and often there are myofunctional challenges such as a tongue thrust. If you do not treat the swallow , the speech lags behind. The tools you have are all excellent, but without considering the three part approach that includes sensory-motor and feeding, it is often challenging to make progress. Hope that helps !

  • dahlia weiss

    Hi, I have been using talk tools -tool for over years. I have 2 children who affter mich therapy still are having trouble with the sounds sh and ch. both have lateral lisps. 1 appears to be unilateral to the right, the other appears to be bilateral. can you send any good tips, or oral motor tools that can be usede to facilitate their progress? already purchased:
    bite blocks
    straw kit
    horn kit
    fine blue tips d and z vibe
    chewy tubes red and yellow
    square b.ue tips for d and z vibe

    All suggestions are welcome. Thank you

    ps straw trick and traditional therapy tried as well

    thank you

    Dahlia Weiss

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