Summer Plans With Your Child

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I was driving Elizabeth home from her college program last week.  And as we were talking about the happy arrival of spring weather, we were reminded that her school year will be ending in a few weeks.

Meaning, for Elizabeth, summer break is here!

She and I have talked about her plans prior, and kind of laid down some plans but now is the time to begin to firm them up.  Such as which days will she volunteer and when again, is that yoga class?

I think any and all transitions can be quite challenging for those with special needs but I will say as time goes on, for Elizabeth, the challenges have diminished a great deal.

I also think that by staying a bit ahead of the game and maintaining a position of being proactive, we have more time to talk about plans, ideas for plans, etc. and this makes it easier for her as well.

So, I ask: How are your summer plans going?

With that questions in mind, I thought I might offer out some things we did to help plan for summer break.

Talk with your child to see what they have in mind for fun this summer.  

+Shared goals are nice to try to meet.

Look at their IEP, to see what things you want to work on this summer.  

+Some can be related to reading or math etc. and some can be social or speech goals.

Look at local parenting magazines to see what is going on in your neck of the woods.  

+Are there good library activities? Reading programs? Nature programs?  

+There can be great offerings that meet some of your goals that you make.

Firm up any and all therapy appointments for summer.

+Plans made prior can be forgotten.

+Vacations can interrupt the best laid plans.

Get a calendar and start writing.

+Sometimes seeing it laid out in front of you helps you make sure not to over plan or under plan.

+This allows your child to see their days and makes for a good conversation starter.

Plan on having fun.

+Enjoy your child for who they are.

+You want them to make gains and not lose skills, but they are children and need to have summer fun too!

Hope some of these ideas help you as you begin to turn your calendar to May.

For us, we have a countdown to summer going, a calendar that has some nice things on it and by the way,  the yoga class is actually at 5:30 on Tuesdays!

I wish everyone a peaceful month.

Michele Gianetti author of “I Believe In You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey” and “Emily’s Sister”


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