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SPD, Dyspraxia and Trick-or-Treating

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How do you approach the holiday of Halloween? What would you wish for your special needs child?

Back in the day of young Elizabeth, I would have ensured that "Trick or Treat" time was:

  • during daylight hours
  • on a weekend or a Friday

Trick or Treating during the day would help her handle strange costumes and sounds, because she could see them.

Trick or Treating on a weekend or Friday was because fatigue would be reduced: either due to the fact that she did not have school that day and she could prepare, or that if she got very tired and overwhelmed, the next day would be a day off and she could decompress.


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Your Child's Anxiety

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I know that Elizabeth has it in direct relation to her Sensory Processing Disorder and Dyspraxia.

When she is overloaded or afraid of something, her anxiety kicks in.

And when it kicks in other things occur.

I am very experienced in this kind of anxiety for Elizabeth.

I am also aware that new things or experiences can create anxiety for her as well.

We have learned that talking about the “new” thing and helping her learn what it will be like, what to expect and if possible, watching a video of it all work to help lessen the anxiety. READ MORE

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Back to School: Sensory Processing Disorder & Dyspraxia

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Something that I know I see a great deal on Elizabeth’s IEP are the words:

"Working On..."


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Parents... Remember to Forgive Yourself

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Our journey has had its zenith moments as well as lows that are pretty darn down there.

But something that I have learned on this journey - which is now going to be 21 years...

Is to forgive yourself. I have learned how important this is.

It sounds simple.

But it is not.

By forgiving yourself, I mean... READ MORE

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4 Things I Remind Myself of Before the Next IEP Meeting

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As sure as the first flowers are arriving, so is IEP time.

It almost sounds celebratory... but for those who have a special needs child, we know it is not like that.

I know we have an IEP meeting scheduled for Elizabeth on May 29th

She is 20 years old, but because we chose Option 23, she is technically still under the auspices of our local school system until the age of 22 years old.

So with this in mind, the local schools and the college program she is in meet to form the new IEP that will guide her into the next school year. So even at this age, we are looking at the IEP and making changes.

So with about 16 years of IEP prep times, meetings, re-evaluations and IEP adjustments, I wanted to tell you how I am approaching this meeting:


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