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ASHA Poster 2012

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Variability of Tongue-Tip Placement: Acoustically Standard Production of /s/ Cross-Culturally

Rosenfeld-Johnson, S. (2012, November). Poster session presented at the Annual ASHA Convention. Atlanta, GA.

Variabilty of Tongue-Tip Placement_ASHA Poster 2012_Page_1


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CHARGE Syndrome Webinar

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We are happy to be partnering with the Charge Syndrome Foundation and The National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness to present  "Techniques to Improve Feeding Skills and Speech Clarity".  The webinar, presented by Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson M.S. CCC-SLP was held on February 24, 2013, 7pm EST.

In this presentation, Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson describes and teaches the techniques she has developed in her work with infants and children with the diagnosis of CHARGE syndrome to improve feeding safety and speech clarity. Oral Placement Therapy utilizes tactile teaching interventions to supplement what is used in traditional feeding and speech therapy. Improvements can be made at any age as muscle function can improve regardless of age. The information and techniques taught in this presentation can be used by therapists and parents to improve muscle control.

You can reach it by clicking here: CHARGE Webinar- Techniques to Improving Feeding and Speech Clarity

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