2017 Therapy Mission Trip to Roatan Honduras 1/2

Hello TalkTools Family,

We would like to thank you!

With your support, TalkTools has a team going to Roatan Honduras to give back next week -- and we couldn't do it without you.

We are really excited to be heading to Cattleya School in a couple of days with Monica Purdy, MA, CCC-SLP; Colette Ellis, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, BCS-S; Tara Ellis, MS CF-SLP; and Kerry Tichi, MS, CCC-SLP for our special therapy mission trip!

Kerry has been at the forefront of making this effort a reality, and the TalkTools Team is humbled to be a part of it all. Kerry lived in Roatan for years helping the community - and right off the bat started working with families with disabilities, particularly with Cattleya School -- an established NGO (non-government owned) school in Roatan, Honduras whose mission is to advocate for those with disabilities on the Bay Islands of Honduras. We also want to mention how important Cattleya School has been in this effort and we are grateful. Now we're returning with a group of amazing therapists to continue -- and expand upon -- our initial outreach.

We'll be in Roatan for about a week and I'll be sharing updates and pics on Facebook -- stay tuned!

Luke Blessinger
TalkTools President

P.S.  It has been very difficult start of the school year with the devastation caused by hurricanes and other natural disasters, particularly in the Caribbean region.  While our TalkTools Therapy Mission trip is incredibly important to the children of Roatan and our partner Cattleya, our thoughts and prayers are with our friends and partners working to recover from these huge events.  

Pictures & Updates here >>

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