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TalkTools News: On-demand Evaluations Now Available

Posted by Deborah Grauzam on

After being available for pre-sale for two weeks, 11 new Speech Clarity Evaluation for Therapy Planning Videos On-Demand were finally released yesterday. TalkTools is proud to be offering this innovative way to help Speech and Language Therapists and other professionals perfect their Continuing Education. We hope this technique will improve the way speech, oral-motor and feeding disorders are being treated, as well as facilitate the understanding of special needs.

Each video includes interviews with the referring SLP and parent of the client, an initial Oral Placement Therapy (OPT) evaluation with program plan, and a four month follow-up with a program plan update. The tool is intuitive and lets you go through your training easily and smoothly. You just have to watch the video and take the quiz online to earn your ASHA/AOTA CEUs.

Each video is unique in regards to the client, the diagnoses, and the program plans. The diagnoses treated are:

- Language and Intelligibility: A four-year-old female with the diagnosis of benign hypotonia with a multiple articulation disorder and hyper-nasality is being treated.

- Bilabial and Tongue-Tip Sounds: A four-year-old female with the diagnosis of benign hypotonia with a multiple articulation disorder characterized by an inter-dental production of bilabial and tongue-tip sounds is being treated.

- Speech and Language Delay - Short Frenum: A four-year-old male with the diagnosis of multiple articulation disorder with associated muscle weakness that reduces intelligibility on the conversational level is being treated.

- Speech/Motor Planning Disorder: A three-year-old male with the diagnosis of multiple articulation disorder with motor planning problems not severe enough to be diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) is being treated.

- Inter-dental Productions: A seven-year-old male with the diagnosis of inter-dental production of /t, d, l, n, s and z/ is being treated.

- Speech and Language Disorder: A three-year-old male with the diagnosis of multiple articulation disorder and a limited food repertoire is being treated. 

- Motor Planning with Dysarthria: A twelve-year-old male with the diagnosis of multiple articulation disorder secondary to a suspected neurological component is being treated.  He presents with a large gap between what he is saying and what the listener can understand.

- Transitioning from OPT to Speech: A six-year-old female with the diagnosis of inter-dental and lateral production of /s/, /z/, /∫/ (sh) and /t∫/ (ch) and “j” is being treated.

- Lateral /s/ and /z/: A six-year-old male with the diagnosis of multiple articulation disorder with lateral production of /s/ and /z/ is being treated.

- Lip Rounding and Tongue Mobility: A three-year-old male with the diagnoses of a) multiple articulation disorder with no lip rounding and reduced tongue mobility and b) poor chewing skills is being treated.

- Early Intervention Down Syndrome: An eight-month-old female with the diagnosis of Down Syndrome is being treated.

Videos are of various lengths. Videos of 2 hours get you 0.20 CEUs, videos of 2.5 hours get you 0.25 CEUs, and videos of 3 hours get you 0.30 CEUs. Price ranges vary from $55.00 to $75.00.

The other innovative thing is that previews are available for free and let you have a glimpse of what you will learn.


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Come & Visit with Us at the 2015 ASHA Convention - BOOTH 417

Posted by Deborah Grauzam on


The annual American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) Convention is just around the corner and we are as excited as ever here at TalkTools. The 2015 convention will be in Denver, Colorado, November 12, 13, and 14. We will be there in full force with our tools, techniques, & training all be represented by our expert staff.

TalkTools is scheduled for two presentations and will be hosting a booth in the exhibit hall where you can order at a huge discount and be entered to win several prizes. Our goal this year is to celebrate successes in therapy, be sure you stop by our booth, #417, to share your stories!

We will have all of our signature items on-hand, like the Horn and Straw Hierarchies, the famous Honey Bear, and our Jaw Grading Bite Blocks. These items have become household names in the fields of oral placement, oral motor, sensory, and feeding therapy supplies. These tools, and others, are also why TalkTools® has been an industry leader for over 30 years and is now a worldwide resource for therapy tools, techniques, and training.

When you order our tools while at the convention, you will receive a 20% discount on all items! We will also be providing FREE SHIPPING for anyone who places their order at the booth during the convention. Beyond our array of products on display we will be providing attendees several opportunities to WIN fabulous prizes.

Win this Kit at #ASHA15

Every visitor to our booth #417 can enter to WIN an Introduction to Oral Placement Therapy Kit ($195 value) and a GoPro Hero+ LCD ($299 value). All you have to do is stop by the booth and have your badge scanned by one of our many associates.

Additionally, we will be providing attendees the opportunity to a WIN $500 Visa gift card! As part of our efforts to celebrate successful therapy we want to hear your success stories. When you provide a one to two minute video testimonial at our booth, you will be automatically entered to win.

You can also take a photo with our six foot celebrity Honey Bear and have a chance to be featured our Facebook page! Use hashtag #iamthehoneybear.

Get your Picture taken with the 6 foot bear at #asha15

Another reason to stop by our booth is to visit with one of our amazing Speech Language Pathologists! Several of our expert presenters will be on hand throughout the convention to answer your therapy questions and to discuss our Continuing Education opportunities.

TalkTools® offers professional therapists opportunities to learn and train in innovative and solution based therapy techniques. Over 2,000 Speech Language Pathologists attend one of our live workshops every year and many more take advantage of one of our self-study programs. Those interested in advancing their knowledge are invited to participate in the TalkTools® Level Training Program.

Don’t miss an opportunity to see TalkTools founder, Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson, present at this year’s convention. Sara will be presenting on two different topics, the first on Thursday and the second, a poster presentation, will be on Saturday.

~ Thursday, November 12 at 1:30 PM Sara will present on the Effects of Limited or Excessive Jaw Mobility During Conversational Speech (Session Number 1080). 

~ Saturday, November 14 at 12:30 PM Sara will present on Oral Placement Therapy (OPT) vs. Non-Speech Oral Motor Exercises (NSOME): Understanding the Debate (Session Number 9333, Poster Board 602). This presentation was co-authored by Robyn Merkel-Walsh

We hope to see you in Denver!

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