TEMPLATE 2019 | Functional Assessment and Remediation of Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs) [City, ST][Date] - event Talk-Tools
TEMPLATE 2019 | Functional Assessment and Remediation of Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs) [City, ST][Date] - event Talk-Tools

WORKSHOP | The Functional *REMEDIATION* of TOTs (Tethered Oral Tissues) [VIRTUAL][November 7, 2020]


The TOTs course is now being offered as 2 days. Click the red link below to save by purchasing both days.

Date: November 7, 2020

Location: VIRTUAL (9:00AM-4:00PM)

Presenter: Lori L. Overland MS CCC-SLP, C/NDT, CLC, FOM & Robyn Merkel-Walsh, MA, CCC-SLP, COM®️

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The TOTs course is now being offered as 2 days. Click here to save by purchasing both days.

Course Description

Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs) is the restriction of the frena or frenulum, which are small folds of tissue that connect bone to tissue and support or limit movement. The term TOTs is used to describe restriction of the frenula in the tongue
(ankyloglossia), lip (lip-tie) or buccal frena. Robyn and Lori created a detailed functional assessment protocol that task the impact of TOTs on oral motor, feeding and speech skills. From this assessment, goals are established and a treatment protocol can be generated.
This course provides participants with specific neuromuscular re-reeducation tasks that will assist with the functional impact of TOTs on pre-feeding, feeding and speech. Robyn and Lori will teach participants specific passive and active exercises for breast, bottle, cup, spoon, solid and straw feeding in addition to the oral placements required for speech clarity. Pre and post- operative considerations as well as surgical procedures will be discussed. Neuromuscular re-education of the cheeks, lips and tongue will be presented and numerous demonstrations, practicums and video slides will teach participants to execute a functional remediation program. Techniques learned may be executed in the school, hospital or clinic based settings. This course is rich with evidence based practices and will address many of the controversies that make TOTs a “hot topic” (e.g. who is the team leader?)

Learning Outcomes

  1. Participants will be able to list at least 2 red flags for TOTs.
  2. Participants will be able to identify at least 3 ways in which TOTs can impact feeding and/or speech.
  3. Participants will be able to execute at least 3 neuromuscular education activities for pre and post op TOTs. 
Instruction Level: Intermediate. The learning outcomes and objectives are relevant for inter-professional practice and education (IEP) programs; and can be applied across the client's lifespan in a variety of settings (schools, private practice, clinics/hospitals)

    Target Audience: SLPs, OTs, IBCLC, dentists, surgeons, ENTs and RDHs. 
    While TalkTools welcomes all to attend and learn the course content, it is the responsibility of the professional to determine if applying the techniques fits within the scope of their practice. 

    Content Disclosure: This presentation will focus on treatment methods related to the use of TalkTools® OPT resources. Other similar treatment approaches will receive limited or no coverage during this lecture.

    This program is offered for 0.6 ASHA CEUs(Intermediate Level; Professional Area).(seeTalkTools ASHA CEU Policy and Process for more information). 

    This program is approved by IAOM for 0.6 CEUs.

    TalkTools®️ is an AOTA Approved Provider of continuing education. Provider #: 4782. This self-study course qualifies for 6 self-study contact hours or 0.6 CEUs in the Category of Occupational Therapy Process. The assignment of AOTA CEUs does not imply endorsement of specific course content, products, or clinical procedures by AOTA. Course Level: Intermediate.

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    Instructor Bio

    Lori L. Overland MS CCC-SLP, C/NDT, CLC, FOM Bio and Financial Disclosure

    Robyn Merkel-Walsh, MA, CCC-SLP, COM®️ Bio and Financial Disclosure 

    Recommended Tools

  • Sensi and Tips
  • Throat Scope
  • Straw Kit
  • Bite Blocks
  • Horn Kit
  • Pre-Feeding Kit
  • Feeding Kit
  • Tongue Tip Lateralization Tool
  • The Liper Device