TalkTools® Jiggler™ - Frog
TalkTools® Jiggler™ - Frog

TalkTools® Jiggler™ - Frog

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All three Jigglers are effective for increasing sensory awareness in the muscles of the jaw and lips, reduce"fixing" or tightening in the muscles of the jaw, and/or satisfying the need for Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) stimulation. In addition, each individual TalkTools® Jiggler™ can be used to meet more specific needs:

Frog Therapeutic Goals:

  • GOAL #1: To reduce "fixing" (tightening in the muscles of the jaw) Muscle-Based Exercises, Feeding and Speech. This will satisfy the need for TMJ stimulation. 
  • GOAL #2: To increase sensory awareness, using a smooth surface, in the muscles of the jaw and lips prior to the introduction of Muscle-Based Exercises
    • Speech - /m/ /b/ /p/
    • Feeding - Spoon Feeding
    • OPT - Flat Mouth Horns, Tongue Depressor Exercises
  • GOAL #3: To stimulate lip rounding 
    • Speech - /oo/ /oh/ /w/ /r/ /sh/ /ch/
    • OPT - Bubble Blowing and Round Mouth Horns
    • Feeding - Straw Drinking

CONTRADICTIONS: Do NOT use this tool with clients who have been diagnosed with seizure disorders that are stimulated by vibration.

🛑 Therapist/Adult supervision required. 

Requires 2 AA Batteries which are NOT included.

Use this tool for /m/ /b/ /p/ /oo/ /oh/ /w/ /r/ /sh/ /ch/ sounds

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