Nour El-Bashiti, Ph.D., BSc, MSc

Dr. Nour El-Bashiti specializes in craniofacial anomalies/cleft lip and palate, and she has a vast experience working with craniofacial teams and professionals around the world. Dr. El-Bashiti was part of the team that reviewed and updated the Global Standards of Care for services provided for cleft palate patients, and she serves as an educational advisor for Operation Smile International. She is an adjunct professor for several university programs in the Middle East and she serves as the Chairperson and Executive Director of the Speech-Language Pathologists of the Middle East and North Africa. She has been actively involved at regional, national, and international levels promoting specialized concentrated educational workshops and training for speech-language pathologists, striving for bridging the theory-practice gap to create more directed evidence based clinical application.


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