Sara Elcic, B.PsychSc, GradCert(CBT), M.Ed(ABA), OPT (Level 4)

Sara Elcic holds a Bachelor of Psychological Science and a Master of Education (Applied Behaviour Analysis). Her professional journey began 5 years ago working in Early Intervention. During this time, she worked primarily with non-vocal clients, where she found a passion for helping children find their voices using Oral Placement Therapy (OPT). In 2019 she traveled to the UK to pursue further professional development completing her TalkTools Level 3 training, and recently completing Level 4, becoming the first therapist in Australia with this qualification. Sara is passionate about working in multidisciplinary teams to achieve the best possible results for her clients. She works alongside other allied health professionals at Glenelg Speech and Feeding Clinic and owns “Hear Your Voice” in Adelaide, South Australia. Her role includes assessments, developing program plans and training caregivers and therapists using an evidence-based behaviour skills training model. Her specialization is applying OPT with behaviour change principles to increase speech sound production in her clients.


FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE: Sara is a B.PsychSc, GradCert(CBT), M.Ed(ABA), OPT (Level 4) speech therapist. Sara receives speaker fees for workshops, webinars and other training events.

NON-FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE: No relevant non-financial relationship exists.