Valerie Gent, Speech Pathologist

Valerie Gent is a Speech Pathologist with 18 years clinical experience in paediatric feeding. She has worked in acute hospitals, disability, early intervention and in private practice. She owns “Let’s Eat! Feeding Therapy” and is a co-owner of “Feeding Therapy Australia”. Valerie currently presents at Newcastle University to speech pathology students in paediatric feeding, she has also published a responsive kid’s book called “I’m NOT Hungry for Dinner” for picky eaters. This book and illustrations have received the Ellyn Satter Institute (ESI) Seal of Approval. Val is also studying her Masters of Medical Research looking at autism and feeding.



Financial: Valerie is co-owner of Feeding Therapy Australia (FTA) and the co-developer of the FTA House Model. She receives speaker fees for their courses. Valerie is receiving a speaker fee from TalkTools for this course. Valerie also receives royalties from the sales of her book “But I’m NOT Hungry for my Dinner”.

Non-Financial:  Valerie has no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose.


Valerie and Debbie's Session: Empowering the Neurodivergent Child to Understand Their Sensory Food Preferences