Katie Arnold, MCD, CCC-SLP

Katie has been a SLP for 16 years and has worked in a variety of settings including private practice, outpatient clinics, grade schools, and high schools. As a military spouse, she has had the opportunity to explore different regions of our country. Each region has its own exposure to speech therapy practices and differing perspectives on the role of a speech-language pathologist.

Katie’s work as a clinician, a business owner, a clinical manager, and a SLP supervisor has given her a broad spectrum of challenges and experiences, but her greatest love has always been in the role of mentor and educator. Her work with Meaningful Speech has fed that passion, supporting clinicians and families in their understanding of gestalt language processing and Natural Language Acquisition.

In 2011, she came across Marge Blanc’s article, Finding the Words to Tell the Whole Story, from a Google search on “echolalia.” In that moment, Katie had no idea the journey she would have later working with Marge Blanc and Alex Zachos to make this very information mainstream and common knowledge in the SLP world. Katie is the creator of the Gestalt Language Processing Handbook: Handouts for Coaching and Education distributed through Meaningful Speech. She is thrilled to have had the opportunity to have worked in many communities and to continue to support gestalt language processors specifically through educational resources, content, and consultation worldwide.


Financial Disclosure: Katie Arnold receives a speaker fee from TalkTools for this presentation and other presentations and lectures. She also receives compensation for courses, books and manuals through Meaningful Speech she has authored or co-authored.

Non-Financial Disclosure: Katie has no relevant non-financial relationships to disclose.