Kimberly Brown, PhD, Psychological Services, PLLC

Kimberly Brown, PhD, Psychological Services, PLLC have been working with families of children with feeding disorders for almost 30 years. She fell into it because she needed a job in graduate school and then fell in love with watching children learn how to eat new foods. Moreover, she feel such joy when parents report reduced stress around mealtimes and feel like they have been a part of a life-changing event. She have watched children take their first taste of solid food, overcome fears of choking, and sit at the table with their family for the first time. She will sit with parents in the stress of the moment and share tears of joy at the small successes.

She have worked in several hospitals across the country, using many different kinds of feeding techniques. Over the years, she have listened to what parents want, discerned what they need, and helped children succeed based on their strengths. It is with great compassion that she embark on this adventure with you.

She aims to empower parents to make these lifestyle changes at home around mealtimes, so they can enjoy eating with their families again. She use family-friendly strategies that are easy to implement and take family’s concerns into account. Our goal for children is that they learn to taste and try new foods, find their preferences, and participate in family meals.

In 25 years, she worked with many different therapists in feeding, including occupational therapists (OT), speech therapists (ST), psychologists, behavior analysts, and special education teachers. Each of them taught me a different perspective for reaching children and their families. Is indebted to them for their teaching, the co-treatments, comradery, and support. I have learned that OT and ST get a wide range of training, but it tends to leave out parent education, problem-solving through psychosocial barriers, and dealing with challenging behaviors.


University of Iowa - Ph.D. - 1998 - School Psychology with a focus on Applied Behavior Analysis

University of Maryland - Baltimore County - Assistant Professor

Ohio State University - Assistant Professor

University of Rochester (NY) - Associate Professor, Current Position

New York State - Licensed Psychologist (019158-01; Exp 11/30/2022)


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