Sarah Hornsby, RDH, OMT


Sarah Hornsby is a registered dental hygienist, orofacial myofunctional therapist, speaker, mentor, and entrepreneur. She’s the founder and creator of MyoMentor, a comprehensive mentorship and online educational platform for myofunctional therapy with over 500 graduates as of January 2021.  

She’s passionate about merging technology into patient care, and has been a pioneer in utilizing tele health practices in the field of myofunctional therapy since 2014.  

Sarah is a provider advocate as much as she is an advocate for her patients. Her goal is to empower hygienists and dentists to elevate the standards of care by helping their patients through healthy breathing, airway dentistry, myofunctional therapy, and multi-disciplinary collaboration.

She opened Faceology, her private myofunctional therapy practice, in 2010 and today it is a thriving tele-health specialty clinic with a focus on adult patient populations and complex treatment cases. Sarah is also Co-Director of the Myofunctional Therapy Department at The Breathe Institute where she is actively involved in publishing research on myofunctional therapy, in an effort to grow the field.

Although Sarah has been a myofunctional therapist for over 10 years, it was actually her own health journey that led her down the path to help her patients.


Financial Disclosure: Sara is the founder and creator of MyoMentor, owner of Faceology, and co-director of the Myofunctional Therapy Department at the Breathe Institute. She receives a speaker fee from TalkTools for this conference

Non-Financial Disclosure: Sarah Hornsby does not have any relevant non-financial relationships to disclose.

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