Shereen Soliman-Abdelghani, MD, IBCLC

Shereen Soliman-Abdelghani, MD, IBCLC is a Pediatrician, neonatology Consultant with 18 years’ experience, Breastfeeding consultant, and a Clinical Nutrition specialist, being an IBCLC; member of the International Board of lactation consultants since 2008) and a member of ILCA (International Lactation Consultants Association) since 2018, and a CEO and manager @Lactation Educational Certificate Provider; a program that qualify for the preparation for the IBCLE (International board Certified Lactation Examiners) pathway 1 since 2008.

An Associate Alumni, Harvard Medical School (Joined since 2020), being graduated from the Training to Trainee (T2T) training program, Harvard Medical School HMS (2020-Batch D) with special score and outstanding capstone project.

Clinical Scholar, Egypt Clinical Scholar Research (CRST) Training program, Harvard Medical School HMS (2021-Batch B).

In July 2022, she was nominated for the USLCA award winner reward, that is assigned for excellency in the field of breastfeeding medicine and practice.

In April 2022, she have been selected as member of the Board of Directors of MILCC (Monetary Investment for Lactation Consultant Certification).

In March 2022, her lactation program “Dr Shereen Soliman Lactational Education Specific Course and lactation specific communication skills" program” was accepted as an online short term provider from the International Board of Lactation Consultant

Examiners “IBLCE”; Available at: 

An “IBCLC & ILCA Award Winner” for the year 2021, this is an award to the most effective lactation consultant in their community and worldwide supporting maternal and child health.

At October 2021, she have been selected as a member of the GOLD Neonatal Professional Advisory Committee “PAC” responsible for planning the Neonatal Gold 2022 Conference.

In December 2021, she have been selected as one of four leaders responsible for the Non-Profit Management Technical Assistance series of the United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC), responsible for providing training and technical assistance to the breastfeeding network of state, territorial, local, tribal, and cultural coalitions, the U.S. Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) committee and healthcare providers. 

She was selected as a nominated affiliate member of World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) in 9th March 2021.

She is the committed member of research and publication team for scientific papers and studies and also, a member of the ILCA annual conference task analysis group in ILCA (International Lactation Consultants Association) since 2018 and currently.

Also, a member of the Study module at ILCA since 2018 till 2021. I have been selected on the 1th of January 2020 to serve as a member of the Equity Advisor Team member of the International Lactation Consultants Association for the year 2019/2020.  

Also, she is the committed organizer of a series of periodic international webinars and online workshops for hot topics covering breastfeeding, nutrition, maternity, maternal and child healthcare issues and equity principles for healthcare professionals and community support, these are held regularly.

She have been selected on 11th of December 2018 to serve as a subject matter expert on the IBCLC® Practice Analysis Task Force, over an approximately 13 – 15 months during 2019/2020 and currently.  

She have been nominated as a fellow of the international lactation consultant association (ILCA) the year 2021.  

Her current book “The Ultimate Breastfeeding Study Guide” was released at January 2021, which is a reference book for healthcare professionals interested in Breastfeeding medicine.  

She have her own educational lactation specific educational certificate for the 90-hours course and the 5 hours’ lactation specific communication skills courses which provide certificates for healthcare professionals who are willing to apply for the international board certificate lactation examiners (IBCLE) exam since 2019 with my own book (The Ultimate breastfeeding Study guide) that cover the educational material of these courses.  

A skilled international speaker at several well- known organizations that support breastfeeding medicine; ABM, ILCA, iLactation, USLCA, at Breastfeeding conferences, an Australian Live Events and Appalachian Breastfeeding Network webinar series.


Financial Disclosure: Shereen Soliman-Abdelghani is the CEO at Lactation Educational Certificate Provider. She receives a speaker fee from TalkTools for this presentation.

Non-Financial Disclosure: Shereen Soliman-Abdelghani has no relevant non-financial relationships to disclose.



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