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Here are a few takeaways from our conference participants

"Everything was amazing--dynamic and knowledgeable presenters, content that was paradigm-shifting and applicable to my practice...what else can I say? I am inspired to continue on my myo journey--thank you, TalkTools!"

Joanna Guglani

"I loved the mix of experts from a variety of fields."

Jennifer Loftis

"There were so many impressive speakers, and they shared such valuable information with recent research and treatment strategies that I plan on using immediately in my practice to help improve my service delivery."

Kristin Wainscott

"A great way to dive into feeding disorders and begin the journey of being an SLP who treats feeding disorders. Great hands on sessions and immediate take away ideas that can be implemented today! Definitely shows that sensory and motor development plays a role in speech and feeding."

Andrea Gingras

"I truly enjoyed this experience. It was very holistic, looking at the whole child and the whole family experience. I feel inspired and ready to tackle new challenges. I will definitely be signing up to be Talk Tools trained.

Stephanie Brzostek

"This was a superb conference!. It was very easy and convenient as participants could participate live or at their convenience via videos of presentations. It was up to date and the resources and materials from each presenter were excellent. This is a good start to introducing feeding and swallowing and to take baby steps to get add on other add on certifications."

Wendy Wingard-Gay

"WOW! I am so thankful for the TalkTools Team and the amazing therapists/presenters! So hands on, informative, and fun. These talks were so helpful to my daily practices! I cant wait to do this again!"

Hailey Frits

"Incredibly well put together conference. It was exciting to hear different occupational groups describe how they work in the field."

Aurora Meier

"Loved the variety of presenters, which kept interest high. Loved how all the presenters supported and built upon each other. Very well organized, well presented, and practical for immediate use in daily intervention."

Rebekah Van Orden

"Every TalkTools course is amazing and I learn so much, but this conference has blown all the other continuing education I did this year out of the water! The zoom format of the conference was so easy to use and I liked being able to participate via video or microphone unlike other online courses I've completed. This conference was such a wonderful gathering of a variety of professions with so many topics related to airway, TOTs, feeding, etc. The more I learn the more I want to know and this conference has definitely convinced me that I need to get some additional training in orofacial myology asap!"

Nacona Davis

"It was very well coordinated. I enjoyed all the presentations in real time as well as the recorded sessions. I was impressed with quality and quantity of information presented. There was cohesiveness in the topics. I feel much more confident to examine oral mechanism and to apply feeding/speech strategies in my practice.
I will recommend next year conference to my colleagues. It was nice to see international speakers and fellow SLP/OT.

Lisa Perez

"All of the presenters were wonderful and totally flexible, especially for having to be on zoom! Really appreciated the length of viewing opportunities, it was fun to get together with coworkers and watch the videos, pause and talk about what we were learning and how to implement with our clients. Overall a really great course, I learned a ton! "

Jennifer Sorensen