Feeding First™ Conference
October 2022

Call for Abstracts

Deadline Extended -- June 30, 2022

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance status by July 10, 2022

  • The TalkTools® Conference Planning Committee is seeking relevant, topical and thought-provoking presentation abstracts from feeding therapy experts, practicioners and change-makers for our annual Feeding First Conference (October 2022) that showcase the latest research, current best practices and trending topics in feeding for our global conference audience
  • TalkTools® Feeding First™ Conference
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What We're Looking For

Multidisplicinary, Diverse Speakers and Topics

We welcome presentations from first-time speakers, professional experts, and from everyone in between! Whatever your feeding background and experience, we prefer hearing about new approaches than about tried-and-tested techniques. The educational value of the presentation is essential - thinly disguised sales pitches will not be selected.

Practical, Hands-on Applications -- Interactive Techniques over Theory

We encourage presentations that include case studies, interactive portions, hands-on techniques and applications. Participants want to hear your story as it pertains to your topic: think of lessons learned, strategies and recommendations that have you helped you grow personally and professionally.

Always cite and reference your sources but do not create an academic, theoretical dissertation.

Audience Awareness

TalkTools Training focuses on training that speech and feeding professionals can apply right away in their daily practice. Our conferences are no different. When developing your abstract, keep in mind that you will be speaking to an audience with various levels of expertise and experience. Your presentation doesn't have to be relevant to everyone, but it should be relevant to most people and shouldn't make too many assumptions about what people already know.

Conference participants are anticipating a multidisciplinary, interactive, highly applicable training experience.

Areas of Interest

Theme: Optimizing the Feeding Team Collaboration


Breastfeeding/Bottle Feeding

SLPs role in the NICU

Tube Feeding/Tube to Oral Feeding


Evaluating readiness for oral feeding


Interpreting Red Flags


Establishing timelines for skill development

Setting oral feeding goals

Factoring comorbidities

Picky Eating/ Problem Eating

Sensory-Oral-Motor Therapy

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

Responsive Feeding Therapy

PFD (Pediatric Feeding Disorder)

Treating the Whole Child

Understanding GI System

Impact of Allergies

Sensory System


Family-friendly carryover strategies

Respecting cultural and socioeconomic diversity


Please use this template for your abstract; the template includes Presentation Title, Speaker Full Name, Speaker Professional Credentials, 1-2 paragraph course description, 3-4 learning outcomes, a timed agenda and 2-3 True/False, Yes/No questions related to your presentation. Abstracts not following this format may be automatically excluded from the selection process.