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TalkTools offers professional therapists opportunities to learn and train in innovative and solution based therapy techniques.

Over 2,000 SLPs attend one of our Live Workshops every year and many more take advantage of one of our Self Study programs.

Those interested in advancing their knowledge and skill have an opportunity to participate in the TalkTools Level Training Program.

We proudly recommend those who have completed our Level 3 and Level 4 training with the confidence that they are each proficient in the practices and techniques needed to truly make a difference in their clients lives. 

These therapists have demonstrated proficiency in working with clients of various diagnoses and skill levels who demonstrate deficits in any or all of the following areas: tone, sensory, feeding, and oral placement affecting feeding and speech. more about level therapists


Trained in the TalkTools Approach to Oral Placement Therapy

Level Therpists

About Level Trained Therapist

Level 1 therapists possess a basic knowledge of Oral Placement Therapy techniques and be able to begin implementation of these techniques into their practice.

Level 2 therapists have an expand ability to implement OPT techniques and maintain additional knowledge regarding evaluations and program planning.

Level 3 therapists have traveled to an approved TalkTools therapy clinic to participate in an intensive three day training program, including observation of evaluations, program planning updates, and therapy sessions.

Level 4 therapists have completed all four Levels of our Program. They have gained extensive knowledge and experience through hands on, personalized training from a qualified TalkTools instructor.

*In order to remain at Level 3 and 4 the clinician must participate in six (6) hours of Oral Placement Therapy continuing education per year, as supplied by TalkTools through live workshops, self-study DVDs and/or On-Demand through the TalkTools website, or spend a minimum of one (1) day at a TalkTools approved therapy clinic with a TalkTools Instructor.

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