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How can Oral Placement Therapy (OPT) help your child?


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OPT adds a tactile component to traditional speech & feeding therapy that are mostly audiovisual. It can be used with individuals of many ages and ability levels.
Often therapists turn to OPT because the client has received traditional speech & feeding therapy for some time with minimal success.

That is when you chime in: work with your therapist to integrate OPT to your child’s therapy, or make your own research and suggest OPT to your therapist.

Often the therapist will ask you to do OPT exercises at home too, so it is important that your are informed.


Be sure to watch the New Parent video below for more information.

Need answers?

Professional experts provide valuable insight on our Ask a Therapist blog. You will also find great Success Stories including Annabelle's Progress and Elizabeth's Journey at the TalkTools blog.

You are also invited to join our TalkTools Community Facebook Group in order to get your questions answered by like minded parents and therapy professionals. 

Need a Therapist?

We offer many training opportunities to professionals, including our Level Training Program where therapists go through rigorous training to gain valuable OPT knowledge and skills. You can locate one of these qualified professionals in your area when you search our Find A Therapist database.  

Need Training?

If your child's therapists is not a TalkTools trained therapists, or has yet to pursue the Levels Training Program,  you can encourage them to attend a live workshop or take an online self-study course in order to learn effective techniques they can use the next day. To learn more, visit Continuing Education.

Intro to OPT for New Parents
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