Virtual Conferences 2022


Conference Essentials

  1. KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Thu, Aug 18, 11:00AM EST and Thu, Aug 25, 12:00PM EST
  2. LIVE VIRTUAL CONFERENCE SESSIONS: Thu, Aug 18 - Fri, Aug 19 - Sat, Aug 20, 2022 and Thu, Aug 25 - Fri, Aug 26, 2022
  3. RECORDED SESSIONS: All sessions will be recorded. Recorded sessions will be available on or before the last day of the conference. If participants are unable to participate in the live conference, conference participants will have access to recorded sessions through October 30, 2022. After October 30, 2022, the conference will be closed, and participants will not have access to sessions.
  4. CONNECTING WITH PARTICIPANTS AND SPEAKERS: There is a private, participants-only TOTs Facebook Group and WPWWT Facebook Group for participants through October 30
  5. Continuing Education Units/Credits: Information on CEUs is outlined on the CEUs page.
  6. CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETION: will be available to view and download through your learner profile once 100% progress is achieved.
    1. Participants will no longer have access to conference sessions
    2. Continuing Education Team will not be accepting ANY Conference Exit (CEU) Surveys
    3. Certificates of Completion will no longer be available

Additional Info

How do I attend the conference?

Attending Live Virtual Conference

  1. Register through Day 1 of Live Virtual Conference (Aug 18)
  2. Once you are registered, you will receive conference details, including accessing sessions, via email

Attending Recorded Sessions-only

  1. Registration for recorded sessions is available through September 30
  2. Once you are registered, you will receive conference details, including accessing sessions, via email
  • All sessions will be recorded
  • Participants attending the Live Virtual Conference AND the Recorded Sessions-only will have access to the recorded sessions through October 30, 2022

Is there a Group Rate?

  1. Yes! We have a Special 15% Discount Group Rate for groups of 5 participants or more
  2. Contact the Continuing Ed Team for more information

What are the tech requirements (computer, software, internet) for participants?

It is the participant's responsibility to be prepared regarding their online experience for this digital online conference

PRIOR TO THE CONFERENCE: It is strongly advised that conference participants complete the following steps to ensure they are able to participate:

  1.  ZOOM: Familiarize yourself with the webinar platform, Zoom. Visit this link for info on system requirements  Here are some details on how to join the session or watch this video: Joining a Zoom Presentation
  2. BROWSERS: THE LATEST VERSION  of Chrome or Firefox (recommended for iOS/Mac). If you are experiencing an issue accessing the conference site with a certain browser, you'll need to upgrade your browser. To find out your version of your browser, please visit
  3. INTERNET CONNECTION: Live-streaming webinars take A LOT of bandwidth -- check your connection: Recommended speeds:
    1. upload speed: 8 Mbps/1MB
    2. Ping: 50 ms or lower

TALKTOOLS cannot be held responsible if the participant does not have the above technical requirements tested and in place for this digital online conference

What is the privacy policy for this conference?

The TALKTOOLS conference is maintained on a secure site with extensive security measures built in and monitored by our Tech Team.

We use your contact information to:

  1. manage your account
  2. contact you
  3. provide you with conference news and information
  4. file Continuing Education credits on your behalf, as applicable
  5. evaluate and improve our service, products, marketing and your experience.

Participant login details are not to be shared; they are to be used solely by the person who purchased a conference seat. Sharing log in details or allowing other non-registered individuals to view conference sessions violates our privacy policy.

Click through for more information on TalkTools Privacy Policy

Is my account (that I used to purchase my conference seat) the same as my Conference Account?

Nope -- you'll have another account to access the conference!

Participants have TWO accounts:

  1. Account = the account you set up to PURCHASE a conference seat
  2. Conference Account = the account you use to access the conference sessions
  • If you have NOT purchased any TalkTools courses previously, you will need to confirm your Conference Account -- follow the steps in this How-To Video - Accessing Your Conference Package to walk you through.
  • NOTE: Your Conference Account was set up using the email address used to purchase your seat. If you need to update your email address, please contact the TalkTools Team at:

Once you've purchased your seat, a SECOND account will be set up for you.

How do I access my sessions?

  1. Click on Conference Sessions Portal on the Conference Homepage
  2. Log into your Conference Account
  3. Conference Packages are listed in your account
  4. Click on the Main Conference Package or Add-On Conference Package to open the Session Listings
  5. Click on the Session you wish to attend
  6. Click on camera icon on the Session Page

Still have questions? Session Page Walkthrough

How will the sessions be set up during the live broadcast?

  1. Participants may turn their webcam on during the broadcast -- you also have the option of hiding it, but it's fun to see everyone watching together!
  2. Participants will be muted during presentation to avoid any interruptions or distractions
  3. Participants should be able to SEE and HEAR speaker and see the Speaker's screen
  4. The Chat Feature will be used for questions during the presentation -- facilitator will monitor questions
  5. During the Q&A, speaker will answer questions submitted through the Chat
  6. Links to any associated handouts are available on the Session page

Go to our How To Videos page for more info

Are there quizzes associated with the sessions?

  1. All sessions that have continuing education credits/units include quizzes
  2. Quizzes are 2-3 questions
  3. All quiz questions must be answered correctly (100%) in order for the Session to be marked "Complete"
  4. Sessions that do not have continuing education credits/units do NOT have quizzes -- click on "Mark Complete" button at the bottom of these Session Pages

Go to CEUs page for more info

How do I get my Certificate of Completion?

  1. Check out our How To Videos page
  2. Go to CEUs page

Will I be able to ask the speaker questions?

  1. The Chat Feature will be used for questions during the presentation -- the facilitator will monitor questions
  2. During the Q&A, speaker will answer questions submitted through the Chat as time allows
  3. There will be a private Conference Forum Page on Facebook for questions on any of the sessions -- speakers will be monitoring the Q&A forum during the conference and answering questions posted on the the Facebook Page

When do I have access to the recorded sessions? And how long do I have access to recorded sessions after the conference?

  1. All conference sessions will be recorded.
  2. If you are unable to attend the Live Conference (Aug 18-20 and Aug 25-26), the DEADLINE to register for Recorded Sessions-only is September 30
  3. Recorded sessions will be available within 72 hours of the Live Virtual Conference (Conference dates: Aug 18-20 and Aug 25-26)
  4. All conference participants will have access to the recorded sessions through October 30, 2022

Go to How To Videos page for more info

After a session, I'd like to chat with my fellow participants and also ask the Speakers questions -- how do I that?

We have a private TOTs Facebook Group and WPWWT Facebook Group only for conference participants. TALKTOOLS will be posting info on sessions and also fun activities, such as raffles and games. A link to the Facebook Group Page will be sent to conference participants once the conference opens.

Speakers will also be on the Facebook Group to answer your questions and get to know the participants!

Will presentation handouts be available for the sessions?

Any associated handouts or resource materials speakers have provided for their presentations will be on Session Pages -- there is a section marked "Handout" and there is also a Handout icon.

  1. Click on either the "Handout" title or the handout title to open the handout folder
  2. Click on handout files to download to your computer

NOTE: TALKTOOLS Continuing Ed Team will make every effort to obtain pdf handouts of the session presentation on or before the live session -- BUT WE CANNOT GUARANTEE that all speakers will provide presentation handouts before or during the conference

Thanks! We will get your questions answered very shortly!
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