Vanessa Anderson Smith, MA,CCC-SLP, COM®

OMDs: Techniques to Assess and Correct Disordered Oral Rest Postures

Course Description

What your mouth is doing when you aren’t doing anything is more important than you think! Your resting mouth is defined by what you are NOT doing orally: eating, speaking, chewing gum, brushing your teeth, facial expressions. TalkTools Instructor, Vanessa Anderson Smith, will be delving into the importance of adopting correct oral resting postures, particularly in relation to speech and feeding. Lingual, labial, buccal, maxillary and mandible structures from an orofacial myofunctional perspective will be reviewed. Vanessa will demonstrate a variety of proven oral-motor techniques for correcting and stabilizing resting postures to facilitate speech clarity and improved feeding.

Learning Outcomes

The participant will be able to:

  1. identify oral structures as they relate to speech and feeding.
  2. recognize correct oral resting postures.
  3. conduct a differential diagnosis to determine which structures are impacting oral resting postures.
  4. apply 3 techniques to correct oral resting postures.Identify

Timed Agenda

  • 15 minutes   Oral Structures
  • 20 minutes   Observing Correct Oral Resting Postures
  • 20 minutes   Oral Structures Impacting Oral Rest
  • 20 minutes   Tools and Strategies to Correct Oral Resting Postures
  • 15 minutes   Wrap-up/Q&A

.15 Credits

Wed, Mar 17 2021 11:0AM - 12:30PM EST