Monica Purdy, MA CCC-SLP, COM®

Ken Hooks, RRT, RPSGT

We Know Breathing Is Essential: How Do We Harness Its Power?

Course Description
Professionals in the areas of speech, feeding, myofunctional, occupational, and physical therapy are beginning to hear about the importance of nasal breathing for overall quality of life and health. Many patients struggle or are unable to nasal breathe. Having a starting point and a plan to assist in this fundamental life skill is essential for increasing breathing, feeding, and function, as well as overall health.   We may know the importance of nasal breathing but have not had any formal education or instruction on the topic. We may find it difficult to determine where to begin or explain the importance of treating nasal breathing to parents/caregivers or patients. This course will give an overview of the anatomy and importance of nasal breathing, but will more importantly will dive into activities, and exercises to begin in addressing the goals of nasal breathing.  
Learning Outcomes
The participants will be able to:  
  1. Identify the basic anatomy needed for breathing
  2. Understand the importance of nasal breathing
  3. Identify difficulty with function
  4. Give 2 exercises/activities to begin to work on nasal breathing.  
Timed Agenda
  • 10 min overview of anatomy
  • 15 min importance of nasal breathing
  • 25 min identifying the deficits which effect nasal breathing (ex. weak musculature, TOTS, structure)
  • 25 min on steps from beginning to habituation
  • 30 min on 2 activities/exercises clinicians can begin with in teaching nasal breathing
  • 15 min question/answer

.2 CE Credits

Fri, Mar 12, 2021 1:00PM-3:00PM EST