The Exceptional Child: Empowered!

Keynote Presentation - RECORDED BROADCAST

"Every Child Is Exceptional"

A message from TalkTools Feeding Expert, Lori Overland:

"I am thrilled to be kicking off TalkTools' first online conference, "The Exceptional Child: Empowered!" on May 7. As the name of this conference exemplifies, our goal is to empower children -- and their families -- to reach their full potential.

We are bringing together an EXCEPTIONAL group of renowned expert speakers May 8-15, who will be discussing the latest trending topics, such as Tethered Oral Tissues, Airway/Breathing and Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy, and what we are known for, Oral Placement Therapy. These presentations will allow you to expand the tools in your toolbox and apply what you've learned right away.

As part of the kickoff on May 7, I will be discussing how Oral Placement Therapy became a game-changing, global leader in speech and feeding. I will also be sharing a real-life case study of two very special clients whose quality of life dramatically improved after implementing a Comprehensive Treatment Plan for him, including Oral Placement Therapy -- hope you will join me!"

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