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Conference Essentials

  1. CONFERENCE DATES: Friday, May 8 - Friday, May 15, 2020
  2. CONFERENCE TIMES: Webinar times are based on US Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) -- equivalent to UTC-5 -- see AGENDA for presentation times
  3. RECORDED PRESENTATIONS: All webinars will be recorded. If unavailable during conference dates/times, conference participants will have access to recorded webinars from May 16 through June 15. After June 15, conference will be closed, and participants will not have access to webinars
  4. Q&A SESSION: There will be a Q&A Forum through June 15 (more details coming)
  5. CEUs:  review CEUs section below

Webinar Info

How do I join each webinar?

TalkTools has a 2-Step Webinar Registration Process

  1. Conference participants purchase a seat for conference
  2. Prior to webinar date, TalkTools will send email with link to join webinar. Conference participants use this link to access webinar at the scheduled date and time

NOTE: conference participants must follow this process in order to access webinars

Can you tell me the webinar basics?

All webinars will be recorded

It is highly recommended that conference participants familiarize themselves with the webinar platform PRIOR to the start of the conference

    1. Webinar Platform = GoToWebinar Standard Webinar
    2. Click through for info on system requirements
    3. Here are some details on how to join the webinar
    4. Looking for a how-to video? GoToWebinar Attendee Basics

How will the webinar be set up during the broadcast?

  1. You'll be muted during the broadcast
  2. You should be able to SEE and HEAR speaker and see the Speaker's screen
  3. Use the Question Box on Attendee Control Panel for any questions -- facilitator will be monitoring Q&A
  4. Any associated handouts will be available in the Handout Box on Attendee Control Panel

Will I be able to ask the speaker questions?

  1. During webinars, you may submit questions via the Question Area in the Attendee Activity Panel
  2. There will be a Q&A Forum available for questions on any of the webinars -- speakers will be monitoring the Q&A forum during the conference and answering questions posted on the Forum Board


Do I have access to webinars recordings after the conference?

  1. After Conference, all recorded webinars will be available for viewing through June 15
  2. Link to the Webinar Library will be available after the end of the conference



CEU Basics

  1. Each webinar is 1 hour = .1 CEU for a total 2.4 CEUs
  2. CEUs will be filed as a total conference package for 2.4 CEUs -- CEUs will not be filed for individual webinars
  3. TalkTools is an approved ASHA and AOTA CEU Provider
  4. Recorded webinars will be available through JUNE 15 (30 days after the last day of this conference) -- AFTER JUNE 15, participants will not be able to access recorded webinars


This program is offered for 2.4 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate Level; Professional Area)(see TalkTools ASHA CEU Policy and Process for more information)


TalkTools®️ is an AOTA Approved Provider of continuing education. Provider #: 4782. This self-study course qualifies for 24 self-study contact hours or 2.4 CEUs in the Category of Occupational Therapy Process. Course Level: Intermediate.The assignment of AOTA CEUs does not imply endorsement of specific course content, products, or clinical procedures by AOTA.

I need to receive CEUs for this conference -- what is the TalkTools Process?

Conference Participant Responsibilities


DURING CONFERENCE -- participants are required to:

  1. register for sessions included in the conference package
  2. complete sessions by June 15 (see BASICS above for more information)

AFTER CONFERENCE -- participants are required to follow the TalkTools CEU Submission Process:

  1. TalkTools sends email with online CEU survey to conference participants who have registered and completed conference sessions
  2. NOTE: Survey will be sent to the email that conference participant used to register for conference
  3. Conference participants complete online CEU survey DEADLINE: June 20, 2020.
  4. NOTE: Contact TalkTools if you have NOT received the post-conference email by June 18
  5. Upon survey submission, conference participants will receive confirmation email from that survey has been submitted to TalkTools
  6. NOTE: Contact TalkTools if you did NOT receive confirmation email
  7. It is the conference participant's responsibility to review the accuracy of the information submitted in the CEU survey (included in the confirmation email)

TalkTools Responsibilities

  1. Per ASHA CEU Provider requirements, TalkTools will file CEUs within 45 days of the last day of this conference
  2. CEUs will be filed as a total conference package for 2.5 CEUs -- CEUs will not be filed for individual webinars
  3. TalkTools will only file CEUs on behalf of conference participants who have completed all actions listed above in Section 2 -- CONFERENCE PARTICIPANT RESPONSIBILITIES
  4. TalkTools will provide a Certificate of Completion to all conference participants who successfully complete all actions listed above in Section 2 -- CONFERENCE PARTICIPANT RESPONSIBILITIES

Still have questions?

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