Transitioning Speech Sounds to Requests Through Natural Environment Training

Non-vocal clients diagnosed with ASD who do not respond to traditional auditory and visual based techniques present with unique challenges when learning to communicate verbally. These clients require a hands-on approach to learning. This webinar will teach participants (clinicians, parents, therapists, and other allied health professionals) how to apply OPT with behaviour change principles to increase vocalizations and generalize them to requests using Natural Environment Teaching (NET) and other behaviour analytic principles.

Learning Outcomes

The participant will be able to:

  1. Describe and give an example of Natural Environment Teaching (NET)
  2. Intergrade OPT and ABA strategies to quickly transition speech sounds to requests through NET even at a single sound level
  3. Identify and describe the 5 Steps of Behaviour Skills Training (BST) step
  4. Apply evidence-based BST to train staff and parents how to implement exercises with a high degree of accuracy

Timed Agenda

  • 5 minutes – Introduction
  • 10 minutes – Client Profile
  • 20 minutes – Natural Environment Teaching (NET)
  • 20 minutes – Shaping & Pairing
  • 20 minutes – Transitioning Speech Sounds to Requests
  • 20 minutes – Behaviour Skills Training (BST)
  • 25 minutes – Putting it all together