Level Training Program

TallkTools Level Training Program is designed to provide professional therapists a clear path of continuing education and training related to speech and feeding therapy.

Each Level has its own unique requirements, goals and accomplishments.

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The mission

To help as many children and adults, who are afflicted with speech or feeding issues, as possible, by exponentially expanding the number of qualified therapists through continued training from Level 1 to Level 4 and beyond. 

The Goal

Standardized Quality Training
Accessible, Attainable & Affordable Courses
Incentivised and Rewarding Path for Therapists

    The Value

    The Training
    • Take your career to the next level with specialized training from experienced professionals.
    • Learn new techniques, at each level, that make an impact and can be use immediately in your practice.
    • Gain the knowledge and experience to benefit your clients by incorporating “motor” into your therapy tool kit.
    • Number of participants are limited per training to ensure you receive one-on-one instruction that is hands-on and includes live evaluations.
    The Credit
    • Earn 11.2 CEUs, including 2.8 complimentary self-study credits.
    • ASHA CEUs are filed for you by TalkTools.
    The Community
    • Become part of the TalkTools network with access to expert SLPs, industry leaders, and valuable resources.
    • Participate in live, on-line group discussions hosted by TalkTools’ presenters. Share your experiences and get your questions answered.
    • Be listed as a preferred SLP on the “Find a Therapist” page at TalkTools.com. 
    • Be recognized and promoted for your accomplishments through our marketing campaigns. 
    • Become a contributor to the TalkTools Blog and gain valuable exposure for your practice.
    The Deals
      • Get discounts on all your purchases at TalkTools.com.
      • Receive cool gifts and swag along with exclusive promotional offers for Level 4 Accomplished Therapists.

     How it Works 


    Information Pack

    To learn more download the Complete Level Training Information Packet.