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Can I co-present with my colleague(s)

Absolutely -- we encourage co-presentations!

  1. Each speaker will be individually compensated
  2. One speaker should submit one abstract for ALL speakers. There is a section on the application to include all speakers' names and contact info

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What is the privacy policy for this conference?

The TALKTOOLS conference is maintained on a secure site with extensive security measures built in and monitored by our Tech Team.

We use your contact information to:

  1. manage your account
  2. contact you
  3. provide you with conference news and information
  4. file Continuing Education credits on your behalf, as applicable
  5. evaluate and improve our service, products, marketing and your experience.

Participant login details are not to be shared; they are to be used solely by the person who purchased a conference seat. Sharing log in details or allowing other non-registered individuals to view conference sessions violates our privacy policy.

Click through for more information on TalkTools Privacy Policy

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How do I attend the conference?

  1. Conference participants purchase a seat for conference
  2. After purchase, participants will receive conference details, including accessing sessions, via email.

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