CEUs for Melanie Potock's - Picky Eating in the Preschool Classroom: MD & SLP Team Up to Solve the Problem


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Session Description:

Pediatrician Dr. Nimali Fernando and SLP Melanie Potock collaborated to problem-solve the common concern among parents and teachers: picky eating in preschoolers. They created a unique school-based approach to a growing public health problem, and how an inclusive, family-centered preschool curriculum shows significant changes in parental attitudes and behaviors around healthy eating. These changes were reflected in the parent and tech data collected before and after the school year. Fernando and Potock’ goal was to create a research=-backed program that was family-focused and inclusive of children with a variety of backgrounds. The curriculum then caught the eye of Dr Nancy Zucker, Founder and Director of the Center for Eating Disorders at Duke University, who studied the effect of the program in the home. This seminar will present the results of parent data analyzed by Zucker showing significant changes in attitudes and behaviors around healthy eating in the home because of this unique curriculum. In addition, teacher survey data collected in the 2017-2018 assessing eating habits of students will be presented. Recent collaboration with Head Start classrooms nationwide will be discussed as one component of the authors’ efforts to address picky eating in the preschool population. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss the prevalence of feeding disorders in preschool-aged children
  2. Describe 3 family-centered strategies to help improve the parent/child feeding relationship
  3. Discuss Zucker’s research showing significant improvement in parental attitudes and behaviors around healthy eating practices in the home

Time-ordered Agenda – 90 minutes total

15 minutes: Defining the problem

20 minutes: Proposing & creating the solution

15 minutes: Research & results

15 minutes: Future applications

25 minutes: Final comments & Questions/Answers