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OPT (Oral Placement Therapy): Clinical Implications for Tongue Thrust and Lisps

Date: September 30, 2017

Location: Stafford, TX

Presenter: Robyn Merkel Walsh, MS, CCC-SLP

Course Description

Robyn’s SMILE Program (SysteMatic Intervention for Lingual Elevation) is an effective way to help children remediate articulation errors including persistent lisps, interdentalized productions of t-d-l-n, and distortions of sh-ch-r.
The program targets the root of the speech problem which is often a tongue thrust disorder. Robyn discovered in a school-based setting that by combining oral placement, swallowing and articulation therapies progress rates improved.
This one-day seminar addresses children ages 3 and up, who present with persistent articulation errors secondary to a Tongue Thrust Disorder.


  • Diagnose myofunctional disorders based on oral placement skills/swallowing skills/articulation skills
  • List defining characteristics of a myofunctional disorder
  • Determine if oral-motor prerequisite skills are intact in order to initiate myofunctional therapy techniques (Jaw-structure-tone)
  • Measure treatment outcomes throughout the therapeutic process
  • Combine oral placement, swallowing and articulation therapy techniques for those children who present myofunctional disorders
  • Implement at least ten exercises for a tongue thrust program
0.6 CEUS



$150 Early Bird Rate - until 7/30/17
$190 Standard Rate - 7/31/17 to 9/15/17
$200 Late Registration - 9/16/17 to day of

Fee includes:
 0.6 CEUs, course supplies, workbook & certificate of completion.

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Host organization: MedCare Pediatric Rehab Center

Venue: MedCare Pediatric Rehab Center | 12371 South Kirkwood Road | Stafford, TX 77477

Presenter Bio: Robyn Merkel-Walsh has specialized for over 21 years in Oral Placement and myofunctional disorders in children. She is employed by the Ridgefield Board of Education, runs a private practice in Ridgefield, NJ, is the board chair of the Oral Motor Institute, and is a member of the TalkTools® speakers bureau . . . more