Responsive Feeding: The Baby Cued Method | Nina Ayd Johanson MS, CCC-SLP, CLC

Responsive Feeding: The Baby Cued Method | Nina Ayd Johanson MS, CCC-SLP, CLC


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Speaker: Nina Ayd Johanson, MA, MS, CCC-SLP, CLC

Course Description
Feeding babies should be intuitive and enjoyable, yet many caregivers report feeling anxious,  and even terrified, about feeding their infants. Approaches popularized in social media, such as baby-led weaning, add to their worries and confusion. The only method with a global consensus is responsive feeding. This webinar introduces the Baby-Cued Method and the trends and products that may actually be hindering a child’s transition through critical feeding milestones.  Parents are the target of massive marketing efforts and often trust the claims on products and in social media memes. But how do popular products and practices impact the developmental trajectory and ultimately the child’s success with transitioning to table foods and self-feeding?  

Learning Outcomes
The participant will be able to:
  1. Describe how popular parenting trends, products, and practices could be impacting the development of oral-motor/feeding skill development. 
  2. Explain how responsive feeding, embedded in the framework of responsive parenting,  supports oral-motor/feeding skill development and ultimately child autonomy and self-feeding. 
  3. List at least 4 strategies for supporting oral-motor/feeding skill development and the transition to table foods in the baby’s first year of life. 
Timed Agenda

10 min  Evolution of Feeding Babies: A Global Consensus
15 min  Critical Milestones Before 6 months; Hands-On Exercises
(materials needed: spoon, a pureed food, a cracker/cookie or any solid table food)
10 min  Trends and Products that Hinder: Navigating Marketing and Social Media
15 min  BLW, TW, and other Acronyms; Myth and Misconceptions
10 min  Introduction to Baby-Cued Feeding: A Responsive Feeding Method
15 min  How to Help Babies with Critical Readiness Skills
15 min  Supported Sitting vs. Independent Sitting
15 min  To Skip Purees or Not/ Food Transitions and Textures
15 min  From Dip & Bite to Self-Feeding


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