TalkTools® Magenta Flatty™

SKU: 1927-3RW
Regular price $11.99
Magenta Flatty- Talktools
Magenta Flatty- Talktools
Magenta Flatty- Talktools
Magenta Flatty- Talktools
Magenta Flatty- Talktools

TalkTools® Magenta Flatty™

SKU: 1927-3RW
Regular price $11.99

The Magenta Flatty™ provides an optimal spoon-feeding experience by using an ergonomically contoured head that requires minimal upper lip mobility and a smaller bolus size.

Benefits of Product Family

  • Matches design, look, and feel as our popular Magenta Spoon™ and Magenta Fork™!
  • Holds just enough food for beginner feeders.
  • Desensitize or encourage texture acceptance.
  • Minimal upper lip mobility is required.
  • Handle allows for hand-over-hand assistance with feeding.
  • Provides oral awareness during feeding.
  • Encourages lip closure.
  • Increases sensory awareness.
  • Normalize acceptance of foods with a variety of textures.
  • Great for home carryover.
  • Increased oral-sensory stimulation to the lips and tongue.

Features for all Magenta Flats

  • 1 Size (Wee / Small)
  • 3 Variations (Smooth, Bumpy, Textured)
  • Allows upper and lower lip stimulation options
  • Ergonomically designed handle (Comfort Grip Handle)
  • Lightweight
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack only)
  • Made in the USA
  • FDA compliant, Latex, Lead, BPA, and Phthalates free
  • Comes in a reusable storage bag
  • Includes basic instructions


  • Consult a licensed professional before using products for therapy and dietary programs.
  • Not recommended for someone with a bite reflex.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Blake Kemp
Great Starter Spoon!

This calms my 6-month-old during mealtime by letting him participate! He can have a little banana and he controls the spoon, he can learn how to move food back in his mouth and he loves it! I would definitely be buying another set!

Sami Robles
My kid loves this!

I bought these for my 5-month-old son because he has started to have an interest in food. I used it by scrapping off some bananas and feeding that to my son. It was super easy to use and it is small enough for him to hold and feed himself. They are also great to use just as a teether.

Roger Chase

These spoons were recommended to me by my baby's feeding therapist. The baby loves to use the spoons. We love these spoons and are grateful for them being recommended to us!

Maryam Glover
Good buy

So wonderful! We fill the spoon and my granddaughter can feed herself without the food falling off! Great product. Good start on small motor skills.

Dodol Flamer
A Great Spoon

These are perfect for the first spoons you use, I am a gramma who takes care of my grandson. My daughter-in-law bought these and some others as my grandson graduates to baby food. I like that these spoons don't have high edges making it easier for your kiddo to get the food from the spoon.