Ridge Tip
Ridge Tip
Ridge Tip

Ridge Tip

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This is a multi-use tip.  The designed use is for tongue tip elevation for the t/d/n/l sounds.  It provides sensory input for the client to find the correct position for these sounds.  The Ridge Tip can be used for other areas including facial massage for sensory warmup.
  • Alveolar ridge tip stimulation
  • Cheek stimulation
  • Mini front presentation of spoon tip
  • Buccal stimulation
  • Sensory massage of cheeks/Lips/Tongue
  • Tongue Tip Elevation/lateralization
  • Tongue Strengthening and mobility
  • To be used with the TalkTools® Sensi
  • Made in the USA
  • No BPA, PVC, latex, phthalates or lead

🛑 Therapist/Adult supervision required. 

Use this tip for /t/d/n/l/ sounds

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