TalkTools® Sensi® Tip Grip

TalkTools® Sensi® Tip Grip

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TalkTools Sensi® Tip Grips are here!  We picked our therapist’s favorite Sensi Tips and mounted them on a non-vibrating handle.  These convenient grab-and-go tools are a great option for therapists or any parent looking to practice and provide best care anywhere, during and between therapy sessions.  

Featured & Benefits

  • Made in the USA
  • Ergonomic designed handle for your comfort. Provides oral stimulation.
  • Promotes oral awareness.
  • Encourages Lip Rounding.
  • Develops jaw stability.
  • Used in careful feeding protocols.
  • Option to hang on ring or carry strap.
  • Sensi Tips are permanently attached to the grip handle.

Care Instructions

Before and after use, clean thoroughly with warn soapy water for long lasting performance. Periodically check product integrity for wear and tear, replace if deterioration, severe cracking, or other changes become evident. Dishwasher safe top rack only.


  • Consult a licensed professional before using product for therapy and dietary programs.
  • Not recommended for someone with a bite reflex. Use with adult supervision.

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