A Three-Part Treatment Plan for Oral Placement - Timed Agenda

8:30am - 4:00pm
  • Theories of Oral Placement (Muscle-Based) Therapy
  • Oral Placement Therapy: The “why”, “when” and “who.”
  • The Muscle Movements Necessary for Speech Clarity Emergence or Speech Clarity Correction
  • Oral Habits: Prolonged Thumb Sucking, Pacifier Usage, Teeth Grinding and Drooling
  • Oral Habits: What is the Commonality and How Can They Be Eliminated
  • Overview of Feeding and How It Effects Speech Clarity
8:30am - 4:00pm
  • Treatment...Treatment...Treatment: Muscle-Based Exercises for Speech Clarity
  • Activities to Improve Abdominal Grading and Breath Support. “It’s not the horn; it’s the hierarchy of movement!”
  • Improving Velo-pharyngeal Functioning Using Muscle-Based, Oral Placement Interventions.
  • Jaw Exercises - Stability in the Jaw is Necessary for Mobility in the Lips and Tongue
  • Lip movements necessary for Speech Clarity
  • Tongue movements for Speech Clarity
  • Program Planning: Putting It All Together