Dr. Nora Ghodousi-Zaghi, DDS

Dr. Nora Ghodousi-Zaghi is a board-certified pediatric dentist, published author, clinical researcher, and educator. Dr. Nora offers functional and integrative oral health care with a focus on whole-body health
and well-being.

Dr. Nora is a UC Regent Scholarship Magna Cum Laude graduate from UCLA. She was accepted to USC Dental School at the age of 20 years old, and received the Pediatric Health Award for her volunteer efforts in the underserved community. In residency, she gained experience providing high-level dental and orthodontic care for fragile, behaviorally challenging, and medically compromised pediatric patients. She graduated from UNLV two-year Pediatric Dental Residency and received the UNLV Research Award at graduation. The award was in recognition of her efforts in implementing a myofunctional approach to the pediatric dental residency. Dr. Nora has experience as faculty at UNLV where she supervised the dental students providing pediatric dentistry for children with difficulty receiving access to care. Following residency, she worked for several years in an underprivileged community providing preventative care, management of tongue and lip-ties in infants and young children, restorative care, and sedation dentistry. Beyond her academic studies and clinical experiences, she completed additional continuing education in the fields of sleep, breathing, ankyloglossia, early-interceptive orthodontics, oral motor and feeding therapy certification, and advanced myofunctional therapy. Dr. Nora is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, graduate of The Breathe Institute MyoMastermind program, faculty of Myofunctional Research Company, and Director of Pediatric Dentistry at Breathe Babies and Kids. Dr. Nora loves to begin her relationship with parents and children in early infancy as she is passionate about the impact of parent education on prevention and early identification. She reviews nutrition, supplementation, nasal breathing awareness, and oral habits such as thumb/pacifier use. Dr. Nora’s role is to welcome and develop a long-term relationship with children and their families to provide longitudinal and multi-disciplinary care. The goal of each visit is to review your child’s developmental milestones and provide you with education for the next phase of oral health. We feel grateful to work in a multidisciplinary setting with various specialists at TBI that do such great work in their respective fields including ENT/sleep surgery, dental, oral motor and feeding, speech and language
pathology, oral surgery, sleep consulting, craniosacral therapy, integrative pharmacy, and pediatric physical therapy. Dr. Nora will assess if or when early intervention by another team member is necessary.



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