Training Event Cancellation Policy

There is a $35 processing fee for any cancellation made 15 days or more prior to the training event date. No refunds will be given for cancellations within 14 days of the conference date.  You can, however, apply your registration fee toward another live workshop or one of our e-learning courses.

Cancelling a training event is not taken lightly -- it impacts the Instructor, the company and, most importantly, our customers.

However, unforeseen circumstances occur where we must make the difficult decision to cancel a training event. TalkTools makes every effort to cancel an event within 21 days of the event date posted -- but we also reserve the right to cancel up to 10 days prior to the posted date of a training event.

Participants can either receive a full refund for the registration, or they can apply their registration fee toward another training event with similar registration fees.


It is HIGHLY recommended to follow these guidelines when making travel plans to attend an in-person training event. It may cost you a few dollars more up front, but it may save you a lot more should TalkTools need to cancel a training event!

  1. book TRANSFERABLE or REFUNDABLE flights (you may have to pay additional fees -- but it's worth it!)
  2. purchase FLIGHT INSURANCE, which typically runs $15-$25 per trip and may cover circumstances beyond your control, such as TalkTools having cancel a training event
  3. book your HOTEL WITH FLEXIBLE CANCELLATION TERMS -- if you book a non-refundable room and we need to cancel a training event, you will likely have to pay 100% of your reservation fees, and possibly additional fees

TalkTools IS NOT responsible for any expenses incurred by registrants, i.e. non-refundable travel arrangements. 

Please contact with any questions or concerns regarding a cancelled course.