Rehab Zaytoun

Rehab Zaytoun- M.D., BSc, MSc - Rehab Zaytoun M.D. is a medical Doctor with Medical Doctorate in Phoniatrics. She graduated Cairo University, medical school in 2005. She received her Masters degree in Communication, Swallowing and Voice disorders in 2011 then her Medical Doctorate in 2015 from Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.  Rehab is currently a lecturer of Phoniatrics at Faculty of Medicine, Fayoum University. 

She is a member of Hanen Society, Canada. She is trained by Hanen to provide several trainings including: It Takes Two To Talk, More Than Words and Talkability programs.

She received her TalkTools certification in 2016 from the USA to become the first certified Level 4 -assessor in the Middle East. Rehab is also trained by Pyramids to use the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS system), which is incorporated as a mean of establishing basis for communication for the non-verbal populations.

Rehab received her advanced PROMPT training in 2014, 2015 from Prompt Institute in the USA to assess and treat children with verbal dyspraxia.  

Rehab is also certified in Lee Silverman therapy approach to treat various voice disorders. 

Rehab is also trained by Debra Beckman in Oral Motor tissue release to improve feeding difficulties in different populations. She is also trained in SOS approach for sensory-based feeding difficulties. 

Rehab has a specific training in working with Neonates as she is a certified NOMAS provider and trained by Catherin Shaker to work with NICUs to facilitate bottle and breastfeeding in neonates with feeding difficulties. 

Rehab is trained by Lindamood- Bell to develop language processing and literacy using LIPs and Visualizing and Verbalizing. She is also trained by Orton-Gillingham institute to work with children with dyslexia. 

Rehab has a special interest in reflexes integration and their connection to the sensory processing and education. She is Level 2 trained in Rhythmic Movement and Brain Gym. 

Rehab is currently the head of Speech and Language department at the Learning Resource Center (LRC), Cairo. She owns CliniCare private practice in Cairo where she serves children ad adults with different communication and feeding difficulties. Rehab is the Speech Language, Feeding and Oral Placement Therapy consultant at ABLE UK Dubai. 

Rehab is a regular speaker at the local and international Phoniatrics, ENT and Pediatrics conferences. 


    Financial Disclosure: Rehab is a member of the TalkTools® speakers bureau and receives speaker honorarium.

    Non-Financial Disclosure: She has no relevant non-financial relationships to disclose.