Rehabilitative Feeding and Speech Techniques for Teens and Adults - Timed Agenda

  • Theories of Oral Placement Therapy (OPT)
  • Oral Placement Therapy (OPT): The “why”, “when”
  • and “who”
  • Activities to Improve Jaw Mobility: Use innovative therapy tools in a hierarchy to improve chewing and develop the jaw heights needed for standard speech clarity
Lunch 12:00PM- 1:00PM
  • Activities to Improve Abdominal Grading and Breath
  • Support
  • Activities to Improve Lip Movements for Feeding and Speech Clarity: Closure, Rounding, Retraction and Lower Lip Dissociation
  • Activities to Improve Tongue Movements for Feeding and Speech Clarity: Retraction, Lateralization, Elevation/Depression and Back of Tongue Side Spread for Co-Articulation