Sensory Motor Approach to Feeding in the Down Syndrome Population

0.6 ASHA CEUs •  - click through for more info on our CEU Policy and Process


This one day class focuses on the development of oral sensory motor skills to support safe, nutritive and socially acceptable feeding skills in people with a diagnosis of Down syndrome. 

Factors which interfere with feeding, and strategies to mitigate those obstacles will be covered.

A theoretical foundation for assessment and treatment will be provided.  Therapeutic techniques for pre-feeding, and therapeutic feeding will be shared through videos and demonstrations.



Participants will be able to: 

  1. Analyze health issues which impact feeding and are noted more frequently in people with Down Syndrome
  2. Identify characteristics which impact feeding within the Down Syndrome population
  3. Describe a working knowledge of the theory behind a sensory motor approach to feeding
  4. Assess sensory motor issues which impact nutrition and oral-motor feeding skills


  • 20 minutes- Introduction and Course Overview
  • 10 minutes- Overview of Assessment
  • 65 minutes- Assessing Factors which Influence Feeding
  • -Medical Issues: Posture and Alignment | Sensory Processing | Structural Issues |
  • Functional Issues
  • 30 minutes- Task Analysis of Oral Sensory Motor Skills
  • 30 minutes- Examples of Pre-feeding Exercises
  • 15 minutes- Self Directed Feeding-A Sensory Motor Approach to Modified BLW
  • 15 minutes- Managing Sensory Diet Exploration
  • 160 minutes- Therapeutic Feeding Techniques
  • 15 minutes- Wrap up and Questions



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