Host a TalkTools® Workshop

The Basics

Pick Your Workshop


Ideal for smaller practices and groups (typically under 30 people)

  • You arrange low/no-cost venue (ex., meeting rooms in your practice, local community centers/places of worship)
  • We extend registrations to speech and feeding professionals in your region
  • You agree to a minimum number of registrations to help defer meeting costs
  • We manage registrations and CEUs
  • We arrange instructor travel/logistics
  • We manage workshop communications and marketing, including logistics and agenda updates


Streamlined, cost-effective solution for larger organizations (schools, hospitals) who have a guaranteed # of participants

  • You are in charge of who attends
  • Workshop is exclusive to your group
  • You determine registration timeline
  • Utilize meeting space in your organization/facility
  • We arrange instructor travel/logistics
  • We can help with any communications and marketing needs
  • We can assist with managing registrations and CEUs for your group

Pick Your Format

Virtual (Streaming)

Our Expert Instructors are streaming live on Zoom for the entire course

  • Participants can gather together in one location and/or participate individually
  • Virtual interactive discussions, demos and learning
  • Q&A in real-time
  • No added travel costs for participants
  • Extended networking beyond your community


Learn from our expert Teaching Team onsite and in person

  • In-person group discussion and dynamics
  • Hands-on, interactive, instructor-led learning with fellow learners
  • Live demonstrations and Q&A

The Benefits

Grow Your Practice

Expand Your Network

Apply the Training + Tools RIGHT AWAY

Become a Valued Member of the TalkTools® Global Community

Education and Empower Your Colleagues

Looking for which courses we offer?

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