"I always had a passion within feeding and oral motor therapy and that journey lead me to TalkTools. After my first training, I was hooked. TalkTools was my missing link in therapy and I quickly took more courses to better understand Oral Placement Therapy. I am so blessed that TalkTools has come into my life. The skill set it has given me in invaluable to not only my practice but also the lives of the families I work with!"

"In my area there was a huge need for quality feeding and motor speech therapy. Luckily that was in line with my true passion! Each of these trainings are an investment. Not only helps these kids, but it pays for itself."

"When I took my first TalkTools course I was so overwhelmed but intrigued. I had a ways to go to understand all of it. Less than 3 years later I have an entire private practice of oral motor speech and feeding kiddos and I'm on my 4th wait list. My patients are making big gains and parents are thrilled."
-Vanessa Anderson Smith, MA, CCC-SLP (Level 4)

"I was first introduced to TalkTools several years ago. I met Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson and took some more courses. Later I began taking some courses with Lori Overland and her sensory-motor approach to feeding, which truly (in addition to the previous courses) really impacted my overall approach to therapy, and really enhanced my skill set. Because of what I learned and gained from that course, I had several clients that were impacted. I recommend the courses to everyone. I’ve even now opened my own clinic and I have a full caseload of clients that are really successful and that’s because of everything I’ve learned through these courses." -Emily Chandler, M.Ed, CCC-SLP, BCaBA (Level 1)

"I have loved the TalkTools program. I have been just so thrilled to be able to help people who come sort of as their last ditch effort and just kind of not sure if they should continue to even try, and TalkTools program has worked for them.” -Diane Felton, MA, CCC-SLP (Level 3)

"We definitely need this condensed into a subject right from graduation up to post graduation. This is such an important part of our curriculum. We also need to see more SLPs using these techniques and doing more research in these areas so we have stronger literature to support all that you have introduced. It's so true when you say that we need to create a motor plan before helping these muscles transition into speech sounds. We focus so much on language language and language that what we finally have this child who speaks nineteen to a dozen who nobody understands. We fail to see the importance and contribution of the sensory and motor system. I see over a 100 children with special needs every week as I am one of the few SLPs in the state. I see Kids with CP ,autism, cleft palate, phonological disorders etc who are definitely going to benefit from all that Iv learnt. Right from the first few classes Iv slowly started introducing these strategies to parents and these definitely has been very positive change. Thank you Sara! And most importantly thank you for helping me appreciate the function of the jaw, which is something I never ever considered even looking at before." -Nadia Vas Falcao, SLP


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