Who Are We?

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You are able.

Ability is not defined by measuring scales or societal standards. Far from it. Ability is intrinsic and essential. It's within each of us. Every single one. Ability is the curious voice that asks, "What if?" and "Why not?" It's the tireless inner champion who reminds us a breakthrough could be just one more try away.

The joy of an unbridled laugh. The thrill of first words! The deep purpose and pride that come with self-sufficiency and the opportunity to live a full, rewarding life. Ability is beautiful. It is life-changing.

Your ability is just that-yours. But sometimes, you need help igniting it. TalkTools exists to educate and empower, providing tools, techniques, and training to help harness the power of your ability. We're your advocate. Your community. Your champion. We will stop at nothing to help you change your world.

Because everyone has the ability to unlock their greatest potential.