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Chewy Tube® - Red

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Chewy Tubes® help you teach chewing, biting and normalization of oral habits, essential oral motor skills needed in an OPT program. The red, large-stemmed, T-shaped Chewy Tube®  is a therapy tool designed to promote jaw strength in oral motor exercises. It is integrated in a hierarchy with other tools in the Bite Tube Set and in numerous exercises described in “Assessment and Treatment of the Jaw - Putting It All Together: Sensory, Feeding and Speech.”

  • Red, smooth, large-stemmed, T-shaped, tubular
  • For chewing and biting skills, TMJ stimulation, eliminating teeth grinding...
  • Integrated in the Bite Tube Set and in the “Jaw Book
  • Reusable, durable and easy to clean
  • Non-toxic, FDA compliant, free of latex, lead, PVC and phthalates

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