Sensory School Kit

SKU: 2021SSK
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Sensory School Kit- Talktools

Sensory School Kit

SKU: 2021SSK
Regular price $390.00

Limited Quantities Available!

NEW! TalkTools® Sensory School Kit is an overflowing bundle of popular sensory fidgets, gadgets and widgets that any school can jumpstart their classroom supplies with. Included in this kit is a wide variety of tools that can be used to help channel energy, attention and focus by regulating their sensory systems to encourage better classroom behavior. Let children dig in for their favorite tools to bring the fun back to learning.

Do you have a child that has:

  • Trouble sitting still?
  • Wiggle feet?
  • Difficulty focusing in class?
  • Rough time maintaining attention?
  • Has trouble keeping hands and feet to themselves?

Bring this into your classroom and watch the transformation occur. Let imaginations run wild with endless possibilities with this comprehensive Sensory School Kit.

TalkTools® Sensory School Kit includes:

  1. Hand Fidget Therapy
  2. The Pencil Grip* (qty: 6)
  3. The Writing Claw* (qty: 6)
  4. Learning Resources Jumbo Tweezers (qty: 12)
  5. TalkTools® Jiggler™ Combo*
  6. Weighted Snake
  7. Sensory Bean Bags (qty: 10)
  8. Squiggle Wiggle Writer Pen
  9. Duration Tubes*
  10. Fidget Pencils* (qty: 12)
  11. PlayFoam Classic (qty: 4)
  12. WhipserPhone Solo
  13. TalkTools Bubble Bear
  14. Textured Chewy Combo
  15. Kazoo*
  16. TheraPutty (red)
  17. TheraPutty (yellow)
  18. TheraPutty (green)
  19. Teaching Tac-Tiles
  20. Time Timer Mod
  21. Focus Pad 3 in 1
  22. Fidget Pop Spinners*
  23. Mini Fidget Push Pop*
  24. Branded Storage Tote Bag

*Products and color may vary some items

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