Vowel Practice Pictures -  Talk-Tools
Vowel Practice Pictures -  Talk-Tools
Vowel Practice Pictures -  Talk-Tools

Vowel Practice Pictures

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By: Pam Marshalla

Vowel Practice Pictures contains 375 words carefully chosen for their vowel content, giving speech-language pathologists, teachers, and parents a quick resource for vowel practice. Each vowel is introduced with a main character and an action to engage young children, and every word is accompanied by an illustration. The target words contained in Vowel Practice Pictures have been chosen to represent all English vowels, arranged simple-to-complex by syllable shape and phonological pattern.

The material in Vowel Practice Pictures is arranged for working with children who have vowel substitutions, distortions, or omissions at all language levels and no matter the cause of their speech delay or impairment. Vowel Practice Pictures can be used in individual or group speech-language therapy or as a source of material for classroom speech improvement activities. It also can be used as a foundation of homework activities, home schooling instruction, or simple one-on-one reading or speech practice time. The book has been printed in black-and-white with spiral binding so that individual pages can be easily reproduced for coloring and other arts-and-crafts projects.

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