Sensory Therapist Kit

SKU: 2021STK
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Sensory Therapist Kit-Talktools

Sensory Therapist Kit

SKU: 2021STK
Regular price $390.00

Limited Quantities Available!

NEW! TalkTools® Sensory Therapist Kit is an overflowing bundle of popular sensory fidgets, gadgets and tools that any clinic or private practitioner can use to jumpstart their clients potential. Our Occupational Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists hand picked their favorite sensory tools. This kit helps clients self regulate by providing Visual, Auditory, and Tactile input.

Do you have a client that has:

  • Trouble sitting still?
  • Wiggle feet?
  • Difficulty focusing in therapy?
  • Rough time maintaining attention?
  • Has trouble keeping hands and feet to themselves?

Bring this into your office and watch the transformation occur. Let imaginations run wild with endless possibilities with this comprehensive Sensory Therapist Kit.

TalkTools® Sensory Therapist Kit includes:

  1. TalkTools® Jiggler™ Combo*
  2. Weighted Snake
  3. Sensory Bean Bags (qty: 10)
  4. Body Sock
  5. Duration Tubes*
  6. PlayFoam Classic (qty: 4)
  7. TalkTools Bubble Bear
  8. Textured Chewy Combo
  9. Echo Mic
  10. Kazoo*
  11. TheraPutty (red)
  12. TheraPutty (yellow)
  13. TheraPutty (green)
  14. Sensi + Essentials Kit*
  15. Focus Pad 3 in 1
  16. Fidget Pop Spinners*
  17. Mini Fidget Push Pop*
  18. Branded Storage Tote Bag

*Products and color may vary some items

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